1. What is Tint? 

Tint is a dye formulated for the brow area to aide in the cover of stubborn grey hair, and missing hair, tint also provides the fresh look of makeup without the daily routine of applying over and over.

2. How do I apply Tint?

Ingredients :

Aqua (Water); Cetearyl Alcohol; Paraffinum Liquidum (Mineral Oil); PEG-40 Castor Oil; p-Phenylenediamine; Sodium Cetearyl Sulfate; Propylene Glycol; m-Aminophenol; p-Aminophenol; 2,4-Diaminophenoxyethanol HCl; Diazolinidinyl Urea; Methyl Paraben; Propyl Paraben

Cleanse eyebrows thoroughly with lukewarm water or baby wipe. Do not use makeup remover wipes or make-up remover.

  1. (STEP 1) Mix (a pea-size) equal portions of Candy Brow Bar Tint and Candy Brow Bar Developer until the consistency is a creamy paste.
  2. (STEP 2)  Immediately apply creamy tint mixture to both eyebrows, be careful not to place tint in areas you do not want to be colored. If this happens remove product with wet q-tip or Baby Wipe immediately. We recommend you allow the tint to process 7 – 20 minutes, not exceeding 20 minutes. The longer the Candy Brow Bar Tint processes the darker the result. Gently remove all product from the eyebrow area with Baby Wipe
  3. (STEP 3) If results are not as dark as you would like you can now repeat the process with non-processed tint (mix a new batch of tint) immediately. 
  4. (STEP 4)Use the Candy Brow Bar Blending Wipe to lighten areas in front of brow for our signature natural brow look.

Please do not reuse and discard all leftover or processed tint when finished.

In case of eye contact: immediately rinse eye thoroughly with water. For continued discomfort contact your local physician.
You can resume all daily activities immediately. Any water or moist contact will not cause smearing or dripping. We recommend washing around the eyebrow area, avoid scrubbing.

3. What color Tint is right for me?

Light Brown is only recommended for blonde hair. Dark brown will give you the most natural look while Black will give you a more dramatic approach. 

4. Is it really that easy to apply?

Absolutely!!! Fool proof actually! even if you put tint outside of your natural brow shape - you simply use a q-tip to wipe it off!

5. Is Tint waterproof?

Absolutely!! Gym, swimming, showers, and raid don't stand a chance with brow tint! Although we do notice your tint will last a lot longer if you avoid dumping gallons of water on your brow area.

6. How does tinting my brows make life easier?

Can we say time saver!!! Who wants to reapply brow makeup each morning?? Not us!! But we also want to wake up just like Beyonce with perfect brows and Candy Tint is our go to for the gals who want to look good when being a full time mom, student, worker, or gym rat!

7. What makes Candy Brow Bar Tint different from the rest?

Since 2013 our product was coined the first brow tint product infused with soy to actually promote the growth of hair. Our products are formulated for the brow area.

8. Order help? 

For order help and any questions please contact us through the chat now icon and a representative will assist.

9. Shipping and Processing.

Please allow 1 business day processing. We ship all orders via USPS. Tracking information is emailed at time of shipment.

10. Can Candy service my brows?

Absolutely!! Book Candy at www.candybrow.com