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The leading castor oil infused eyebrow tint.
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The leading castor oil infused eyebrow tint.
The leading castor oil infused eyebrow tint.
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Customer Reviews


This product is wonderful. I use it all the time. My tint last me up to 2-3 weeks. This is definitely my go to product! I love it


This product is amazing ! As a license esthetician, I use both the black and brown tint on my clients and they love it.

Adreana Dixon



Love this product last up to 2-3 weeks I use both black and brown I will continue to buy this.


This product is beyond amazing, it leaves nothing on my face. No oils whatever. It’s very convenient!!

Ron’Nycea jones

Okay, so at first I was kind of scared because I didnt know if it would work or not. Once I got my eyebrows waxed I went home to try this product. Let me to you, this stuff is bomb


I tell ppl IT REALLY DOES WORK. I love it and it’s so convenient, fun and easy to use. It always has my eyebrows looking professionally done. Thanks Browbar!

Robin K.

Love love love this brand! Finally ran out of my first order and I had to run to get another order this stuff is amazing.